English websites of the major relevant governmental authorities in Asian countries

Nishimura & Asahi

This page provides the web links of the relevant ministries for each country relating to COVID-19 from the following perspectives. The information will be updated from time to time.

[Name of Country]
(1) Central government office
(2) Information relating to confirmed cases, deaths etc.
(3) Information relating to immigration
(4) Information relating to employees’ rights/interests
(5) Information relating to various aids to private companies
(6) Other useful information

*  Please kindly note that, if you cannot access some of the websites below from a certain web browser, you may access them from another web browser.

1. Japan
(1) COVID-19 links: Japan
(2) Corporate Newsletter: Japan: Outline of the COVID-19 Special Measures Act of Japan

2. India
(1) Press Information Bureau - Government of India
(2) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(3) (i) Bureau of Immigration
     (ii) Ministry of External Affairs
(4) Ministry of Labor and Employment
(5) Ministry of Corporate Affairs

3. Indonesia
(1) Cabinet Secretariat
(2) inistry of Foreign Affairs

4. Malaysia
(1) Prime Minister's Office of Malaysia
(2) Ministry of Health
(3) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(4) Ministry of Human Resources
(5) Ministry of International Trade and Industry
(6) (i) Companies Commission of Malaysia
     (ii) Central Bank of Malaysia

5. Philippines
(1) (i) Office of the President
     (ii) Government portal
(2) Department of Health
(3) (i) Department of Foreign Affairs
     (ii) Bureau of Immigration
(4) Department of Labor and Employment
(5) (i) Department of Trade and Industry
     (ii) Philippine Economic Zone Authority
(6) (i) Luzon: Makati City
     (ii) Luzon: Taguig City
     (iii) Luzon: Quezon City
     (iv) Visayas: Cebu City
     (v) Mindanao: Davao City

(1) (i) Singapore Government
     (ii) Prime Minister's Office
(2) Ministry of Health
(3) (i) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
     (ii) Immigration & Checkpoints Authority
(4) Ministry of Manpower
(5) Ministry of Trade and Industry

7. Thailand
(1) (i) Royal Thai Government
     (ii) Office of the Prime Minister
(2) Department of Disease Control
(3) (i) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
     (ii) Department of Consular Affairs
     (iii) Thailand Immigration Bureau
     (iv) The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand
(4) (i) Ministry of Labor
     (ii) Department of Labor Protection and Welfare
(5) (i) Ministry of Finance
     (ii) Ministry of Commerce
     (iii) Department of Business Development

8. Taiwan
(1) (i) Office of the President
     (ii) Executive Yuan
(2) Ministry of Health and Welfare
(3) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(4) Ministry of Labor
(5) Ministry of Economic Affairs

9. United Arab Emirates
(1) The Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates
(2) Ministry of Health and Prevention
(3) (i) Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
     (ii) Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship
(4) (i) Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
     (ii) Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship
(5) (i) Ministry of Economy
     (ii) Government of Dubai
(6) (i) Knowledge and Human Development Authority
     (ii) Abu Dhabi International Airport
     (iii) Dubai International Airport

10. Vietnam 
(1) Government Portal of Socialist Republic of Vietnam
(2) Ministry of Health
(3) (i) Ministry of Public Security - National Web Portal on Immigration
     (ii) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(4) Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs
(5) (i) Ministry of Planning and Investment
     (ii) Ministry of Industry and Trade
     (iii) Ministry of Finance
(6) Info for travelers on Covid-19 in Vietnam (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism)