• Dec. 1966

    The late Toshiro Nishimura established Nishimura Law Office (later to become Nishimura & Partners)

  • Mar. 1976

    Hideki Matsushima established Matsushima Law Office (later to become Tokiwa Sogo Law Offices)

  • Nov. 1977

    Masuda and Ejiri Law Office was established (later to become Asahi Law Office)

  • Jan. 2004

    Nishimura & Partners merged with Tokiwa Sogo Law Offices and took a leadership position, offering services in all areas of corporate, finance, litigation and bankruptcy law

  • Oct. 2004

    All exceptional team of finance lawyers (from the former Mitsui, Yasuda, Wani & Maeda) specializing in project finance matters and private finance initiatives joined Nishimura & Partners

  • Jul. 2007

    Nishimura & Partners and the international division of Asahi Law Offices integrated and established Nishimura & Asahi

  • Apr. 2010

    Beijing Representative Office opened

  • Oct. 2010

    HCMC Office opened

  • Aug. 2011

    Hanoi Office opened

  • Jan. 2012

    Singapore Office opened

  • Aug. 2012

    Nishimura & Asahi LPC (a legal professional corporation) was established
    Osaka Office and Nagoya Office opened

  • May 2013

    Yangon Office opened

  • Jul. 2013

    Fukuoka Office (Nishimura & Asahi LPC Branch Office) opened

  • Jul. 2013

    Bangkok Office opened

  • Feb. 2014

    Shanghai Representative Office opened

  • Nov. 2014

    Jakarta Office*1 opened

  • Jul. 2015

    Okada Law Firm (Hong Kong)*2 opened

  • Dec. 2016

    Dubai Representative Office opened