An Action Seeking Damages Relating to the Issuance of Class Shares Subject to a Class-Wide Call

Akihiro HironakaSueo KitoAtsushi Hosono
2010 - 2014
Practice Areas
Corporate DisputesCivil Litigation

N&A represented a client in an action seeking damages relating to the issuance of class shares, subject to class-wide call, since 2010 from the first instance. In April 2014, N&A succeeded in defending the client and obtained a final judgment dismissing the claimant's claim in its entirety at the Supreme Court of Japan.

The attorneys who represented the client included Akihiro Hironaka, Sueo Kito, Atsushi Hosono, Masahiro Toshima, Toshifumi Noguchi and Hiroaki Matsui.