Treatise on Japanese Taxation, Third Edition


Akihiro Hironaka and Tsuyoshi Ito co-authored and edited Treatise on Japanese Taxation (Third Edition), together with Professor Minoru Nakazato, The University of Tokyo, Professor Keigo Fuchi, Kobe University, and Professor Masao Yoshimura, Hitotsubashi University. 

This book is intended to be the leading reference work on Japanese taxation, written by academics and practitioners, covering a wide range of areas, such as income tax, corporation tax, consumption tax, property tax, and international taxation. It is intended to uphold a high level of academic values, while practitioners have contributed to the practical perspectives in sections of the book.  Lawyers of our firm authored sections on areas that are gaining in practical importance, such as transfer pricing and controlled foreign corporation rules. 

This book has been revised to include recent developments in Japanese tax law and case law.  Contributors to this book include Yo Ota, Yasutaka Nishikori, and Atsushi Mizushima.  

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