Modern Lectures on Law of Taxation Volume IV: International Taxation


Takashi Yoneda (Co-editor)Kazuhiro Takei (Author)Akihiro Hironaka (Author)Taeko Morita (Author)Hiroki Kaga (Author)Tukasa Tahara (Author)
Nippon Hyoron Sha Co., Ltd.
5,000 yen (tax excluded)
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Tax DisputesTax PlanningTax CounselingInternational Taxation

  "Modern Lectures on the Law of Taxation Volume IV: International Taxation" was published by Nippon Hyoron Sha Co., Ltd.

Takashi Yoneda was the co-editor in chief of the series for this publication with Professor Minoru Nakazato (Tokyo University) and Tadao Okamura (Kyoto University).

  The authors and articles included in Volume IV are as follows: Kazuhiro Takei, Taeko Morita and Hiroki Kaga contributed "Application of Tax Provisions regarding Corporate Reorganization to Cross-Border Corporate Reorganization - Proposal of Guidelines of Interpretation of ‘Group Doctrines’", Tukasa Tahara contributed "Allegations and Proof in International Tax Litigation observed in Recent Judgments of Cases where Taxpayers Prevailed" (Co-author), Takashi Yoneda contributed "Tax Withholding on Non-residents and Foreign Corporations" (Co-author) and Akihiro Hironaka contributed "Current Status and Future of the Japanese Anti-Tax Haven (CFC) Regime".

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