Hiroshi Suga handles intellectual property rights (IP) related matters, antitrust matters, M&A/corporate matters, corporate disputes, and various legal matters in consultation with a broad range of manufacturers and IT businesses.

In the IP area, he represented the defendant in the “Ichitaro Case”, the first case in which the IP High Court of Japan called its Grand Panel, and won the case. He handles many litigation and domestic and/or international disputes, and advises clients in IP licensing matters, establishment of IP and/or information management of inter-group systems.

In the antitrust law area, he handles civil litigation, responding to JFTC investigations and reporting violations of the Anti-Monopoly Law to the JFTC. He also assists manufacturing clients in creating effective compliance assurance systems.

Mr. Suga represented the defendant in the “Yu Pack” civil litigation case, in which an injunction was sought against the defendant for alleged predatory pricing. He also represented a US-based personal computer manufacturer in a case involving retail price maintenance. Both clients were ultimately able to avoid being subject to a court injunction and/or an official JFTC order. He also represented various Japanese clients in the following cases: auto-parts international cartel cases (in one of which the client successfully had the investigation terminated while submitting documents in accordance with the subpoena); a bid-rigging case in connection with digital radios for fire and rescue services; and a bid-rigging case (criminal and administrative case) in connection with Snow-Melting Equipment Engineering Works for Hokuriku Shinkansen (super-express). Other representations in which he was involved include a cartel case involving medicine wholesalers and a merger filing between two listed companies involved in the business of two-wheeled vehicle batteries.

He often advises clients on competition law matters that involve aspects of intellectual property law. He also has wide-ranging experience with litigation and non-contentious case procedures relating to disputes between shareholders.

Recent activities


IP-related support declaration for measures against COVID-19



Top attorneys in Japan: Best Lawyers - 2021 edition



Practical Law Global Guide 2019: IP in business transactions - Japan



The University of Chicago Law School (LL.M.)
The University of Tokyo (LL.B.)

Professional experience

2012 -
Adviser, Tokyo Metropolitan Intellectual Property Center
2010 - 2014
Outside Director, JustSystems Corporation
2007 - 2015
Deputy Chairman of the Training Center Committee of Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Major Cases


Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. - Tender offer for Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc.

2015 - 2017

Success in Patent Infringement Litigation


Successful Settlements in Patent Infringement Litigation regarding Message Exchange System


Successful Settlements in Patent Disputes regarding Network Business


Successful Settlement of a Patent Infringement Litigation (on behalf of Plaintiff/Patentee)


Successful defense against a Case of Seeking Revocation of the JPO Decision of dismissal of motion to invalidation of Patent


Successful defense against a lawsuit concerning patent infringement (Appellate court)


N&A successful in IP High Court cancellation of JPO trial decision (concerning a patent)


Winning lawsuit on patent infringement case becomes final and conclusive.


Successful defense against a lawsuit concerning patent infringement (court of first instance)


Winning lawsuit at the IP High Court on rescission case of JPO trial decision


Double transfer of Von Dutch copyrights case

2005 - 2007

“Peter Rabbit” Copyright Mark Case


Winning the first Grand Panel Case of the IP High Court (IP High Court, September 30, 2005) ("Ichitaro" Case)

2004 - 2006

Victory of “Peter Rabbit” Trademark Revocation for Non-Use Cases (Determination of Last-Minutes Use)

2003 - 2004

Victory in Preliminary Injunction Case for Patent Infringement (Patent regarding a Roman character and Kana conversion)

2003 - 2004

Victory in Patent Infringement Litigation (Case of Patent regarding Shadowing Font)

2003 - 2004

Victory in a Preliminary Injunction Case for Patent Infringement (Patent regarding an arrow mark made based on parameters)

2003 - 2004

Patent Infringement Litigation (the First Case of a Help Function Icon)

2003 - 2004

Patent Infringement Litigation (the First Case of a Help Function Icon)

2000 - 2004

“Peter Rabbit” Unfair Competition Injunction Case (Injunction against Registered Trademark)